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RMK Energy carried out its Initial Public Offering/IPO and officially listed its shares in the Indonesia Stock Exchange on December 7, 2021, by releasing 875 million shares representing 20% of the issued and fully paid-in capital after the IPO. All shares offered in the IPO were all new shares issued from the Company’s portfolio which carried equal rights to its holders. All of these shares were offered to the public at an offering price of Rp.206 per share. Through the initial public offering, the Company recorded an issuance value of Rp180,250,000,000.

Shareholder Composition
Description Total Shares Total Nominal Value (Rp) Ownership Percentage (%)
Authorized Capital 1.400.000.000.000
PT RMK Investama 3.360.000.000 336.000.000.000 76,80
Tony Saputra 70.000.000 1,60
Suriani 42.000.000 0,96
Vincent Saputra 14.000.000 1.400.000.000 0,32
William Saputra 14.000.000 1.400.000.000 0,32
Public 875.000.000 87.500.000.000 20,00
Total Issued and Fully Paid-In Capital 4.375.000.000 437.500.000.000 100,00

Shareholders of 5% ownership or More as of September 30, 2022

Name Total Shares Ownership Percentage (%)
PT RMK Investama 3.360.000.000 76,8
Total 3.360.000.000 100,00