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PT RMK Energy (RMKE or the Company) established in June 2009. Supported by over 15 years of experience, the Company’s Management has built a solid reputation as a reliable provider of coal logistic services for coal companies across all size in South Sumatra. To date the Company is the largest coal-logistic provider in South Sumatra. Leveraging the infrastructure in place, the Company also undertakes coal-trading business to further increase its revenue and improve its bottom line.
About Us

Corporate Values

In addition to operating a number of strategic facilities, the Company also emphasizes the importance of providing the best services to its customers. This is apparent through the management’s commitment in improving the quality of the services offered. As such, all employees will adhere to the values that the Company adamantly holds:

We strive to provide the highest level of service to all customers

We are passionate towards achieving excellence and finding new ways to further improve our operations

We are committed to nurture and protect the people, environment, and all stakeholders

Trust has been the key to our success over the years and will continue to serve as our most important core value

About Us

Vision & Mission

To be a leading coal logistic providers in South Sumatera and Indonesia.

The mission of PT. RMK Energy is as follows:
1. Provide Exceptional Services to Its Partners
The Company that prides itself in its commitment to provide excellent services to its partners, the Company understands the importance of timeliness. Especially in the coal industry, on time delivery is crucial in ensuring the availability of coal in the designated location and at the appointed time.
2. Conduct Business in Accordance to Sustainable Business Practices
The Company understands the importance of sustainable business practices to ensure the longevity of its business. This will lead to dematerialization of resources, which directly translates into numerous cost saving opportunities.
3. Continually Engage in Ways for Improvements
Finding new ways to improve the Company’s activities serve as main drivers of growth and innovation. By leveraging on the key areas where the Company has excelled throughout and improving on the areas that can be developed further, RMK Energy would be able to provide solutions to a lot of logistical challenges that coal miners are facing.

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Management Team

Tony Saputra
President Director
Tony Saputra is the founder, primary and controlling shareholder of the Company. He was appointed as the Company’s President Director since June 2009. Tony Saputra graduated from bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering of Atmajaya University.
Tony Saputra is the father of Vincent Saputra and William Saputra, both are the Company’s directors.

Vincent Saputra
Vincent Saputra was appointed as Company Director since October 2012. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honors (cum laude), Business Administration from University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, CA in 2012 and Master of Science, Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University, New York City, NY in 2015.
Vincent Saputra is the son of Tony Saputra the Company’s President Director and primary and controlling shareholder.

William Saputra
William Saputra was appointed as Company Director since December 2011. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering from University of Washington, Seattle, WA in 2011.
William Saputra is the son of Tony Saputra the Company’s President Director and primary and controlling shareholder.
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Organization Structure

About Us

Corporate Structure

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Corporate Milestones


2009 June

RMKE was established.


2014 March

RMKE’s Port at Keramasan, Palembang started operating.


2014 November

Port annual loading volume reach 1 million tons.


2016 November

Train Unloading Station CY I started operating.


2017 December

Port annual loading volume reach 3 million tons.


2018 December

Train Unloading Station CY II started operating.


2018 December

Port annual loading volume reach 4 million tons.


2019 October

Port loading conveyor belt line 3 started operating.


2020 December

Port annual loading volume reach 5 million tons.

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