Corporate Overview

Train Loading and Unloading Stations

Railway transportation has been the cheapest and most reliable form of coal transportation. Currently, the Company has an agreement with PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) to transport coal from several loading stations to the discharging location in Simpang Station.
Corporate Overview

Coal Hauling

Through one of its subsidiaries, RMK Energy is currently constructing coal hauling road for 155 kilometers from the mining areas to the port. Through the construction of this road, the Company is targeting for significant coal output increase to maximize port capacity. More importantly, this coal hauling road will also eliminate a lot of social issues that could rise from using the province road to transport coal.

Corporate Overview

Port Management

The Company has operated Musi 2 port at Keramasan, Palembang, South Sumatera. The Company’s Management understands the importance of shipping the appropriate cargo at the appointed time to ensure on time delivery for its customers. This is why the Company considering a lot of factor when managing the facilities to ensure that coal shipments will not be affected during rainy or dry seasons.

Stockpilling Management

Coal stockpile with capacity over 1.5 million tons.

Coal Crushing

Crusher and tripper car conveyor system.

Coal Loading (Barge)

3 lines loading conveyor to barge.

Corporate Overview

Coal Offtake and Joint Operation

We have significant amount of experience in managing coal mines and selling coal to the buyers. We believe that the experience that we have as well as the infrastructure solutions that we bring, will be a significant added value to many mines in the South Sumatra region. We always try to find the best synergies between all parties involved.