Grow with RMK Energy

Achievements and continuous success of RMK Energy today are results of our human resources dynamic contribution. The Company acknowledges that its people serve as one of the main drivers for growth. In line with this commitment, the Company engages in numerous development programs that seek to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Strengthening the organization human capability through developmental road map to address short‐term business requirements, as well as long term vision for the organization.
  • Providing its employees with clear understanding of the vision elements that govern the employees’ day-to-day responsibility, authority and delegation.
  • Fostering empowerment, transparency, accountability, performance culture and knowledge sharing among members.

As such, the Company is looking for individuals that share the same goals, visions, and aspirations. Job openings and opportunities are available through third-party job portals and/or postings in this site.


A Chance to Advance Your Career

If you crave challenging work, ongoing opportunity for career growth, and rewards that make it all worthwhile, RMK Energy has the job you are looking for.
Job Position Location Experience Deadline
Admin Marketing HO Jakarta 3 Year 08 Dec 2019
Admin Plant HO Jakarta 0 Year 27 Nov 2019
Payroll Officer Palembang - Sumsel 2 Year 24 Nov 2019
Legal Manager HO Jakarta 5 Year 24 Nov 2019
Project Cost Control HO Jakarta 3 Year 24 Nov 2019
HRGA Officer HO Jakarta 1 Year 23 Nov 2019
Mekanik Palembang - Sumsel, Berau - Kaltim 5 Year 21 Nov 2019
Safety Officer Palembang - Sumsel, Muara Enim - Sumsel 2 Year 20 Nov 2019