Vision & Mission



To become a leading coal port and infrastructure operator in Indonesia that creates value for all stakeholders.


The mission of PT. RMK Energy is as follows:

1. Provide Exceptional Services to Its Partners
As a company that prides itself in its commitment to provide excellent services to its partners, the company understands the importance of timeliness. Especially in the coal industry, on time delivery is crucial in ensuring the availability of coal in the designated location and at the appointed time.

2. Conduct Business in Accordance to Sustainable Business Practices
The company understands the importance of sustainable business practices to ensure the longevity of its business. This will lead to dematerialization of resources, which directly translates into numerous cost saving opportunities.

3. Continually Engage in Ways for Improvements
Finding new ways to improve the company’s activities serve as main drivers of growth and innovation. By leveraging on the key areas where the company has excelled throughout and improving on the areas that can be developed further, RMK Energy would be able to provide solutions to a lot of logistical challenges that coal miners are facing.